Month: September 2015

Emma Roberts Did Aerie In A Bra

emma-roberts-aerie-4 emma-roberts-aerie-1 emma-roberts-aerie-2 emma-roberts-aerie-3 emma-roberts-aerie-6 emma-roberts-aerie-8 emma-roberts-aerie-5 emma-roberts-aerie-7 emma-roberts-aerie-10 emma-roberts-aerie-11 emma-roberts-aerie-12 emma-roberts-aerie-13 emma-roberts-aerie-14 emma-roberts-aerie-9 If you’re basic and also on a budget, Emma Roberts wants you to know that it’s cool to shop at the girl American Eagle, Aerie. She looks pretty hot here. You might want to date her. […]

Pamela Anderson: ‘Sexting is ruining romance’

Pamela Anderson Pamela Anderson fears making love has become a “lost art”. The former ‘Baywatch’ star thinks the popularity of sharing intimate photos online or through picture messaging and ‘sexting’ is ruining romance and the popularity of technology has made people “desensitized” to sensuality. She said: “I think everyone’s desensitized. […]