ENTERTAINMENT One Direction’s Harry Styles Reveals How He Broke His Foot [VIDEO]

Harry Styles
(Photo : Getty Images/Ian Gavan) One Direction’s Harry Styles confirmed that he recently broke his foot and revealed how it happened.

Earlier this week, One Direction’s Harry Styles was spotted wearing a foot cast during an interview with the Swedish magazine FRIDA. Since then some Directioners had wondered whether he really hurt his foot or was just messing around with Niall Horan’s boot. In a recent interview, Styles finally confirmed that he broke his foot and even revealed how it happened.

“It’s Accessory Navicular,” Styles said of what particular bone in his foot got broken during an appearance on Dutch TV show “RTL Boulevard.” “I did mine on stage. I just rolled and there was a little snappy.”

During the chat, Niall also opened up about his own foot injury and why it is worse than that of Styles.

“Mine is a just stress fracture that I don’t know how it happened. But apparently a stress fracture is worse than [breaking a bone] and apparently you have to be in a cast for nine weeks or something like that,” he said. “I’ve been wearing a boot for eight, so I’m sick of it now.”