How rich or poor you are? Facebook wants to know

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How rich or poor you are? Facebook wants to know

Facebook has filed a patent application for a technology that will automatically detect the users’ socioeconomic status and segregate them in one of three classes — working class, middle class or upper class.

According to the patent, the social media giant wants to build a system that collects users’ personal data, such as education, homeownership and internet usage, in order to predict their socio-economic status, Dailymail reported.

The patent suggested an algorithm that might improve Facebook’s targeting capabilities, helping it serve up more relevant advertisements to users. “By predicting the socioeconomic groups of users, [Facebook] is able to help the third party present sponsored content to the target users,” the patent read.

The social media gaint might also consider other information like a person’s travel history, what kinds of devices the user owns, how many Internet-connected devices they own and what their highest level of education is, to know the socio-economic status of the user.

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