Levi Johnston Won His Seven Year Custody Battle Against Bristol Palin

February 25, 2016

 , 2015 at 9:12am PDT   When Christians preach family values and abstinence, it’s always because a child needs two parents in order to not become like a kid in Chicago or a refugee. Unless those two parents are gay then ewww not what they meant. But since human nature and archaic belief systems are no match for wanting to hit that pussy from behind raw af, abstinence doesn’t work….


Bristol Palin Is Mad About Something Again

When not getting accidentally pregnant or taking selfies, Bristol Palin likes to write on her blog about stuff that upsets her, like Obama. And science.  There’s nothing about her brother though. She’s probably just editing it. In the meantime, she’s mad at Tina Fey for clowning her mom on SNL.  I may be biased, but I think my mom trumps her in the looks department. (Especially for having three more kids…

January 29, 2016

Track Palin Seems Pretty Chill

Haha, I’m just pulling your leg, Track Palin is psychotic. As you probably already know, Track Palin was arrested and charged Monday with “domestic violence, interfering with a report of domestic violence, and possession of a weapon while intoxicated”. The news broke almost immediately after his mom Sarah Palin endorsed Trump for President. Obviously this is a liberal conspiracy probably cooked up on Hilary’s servers #Benghazi. If there’s a bright…

January 20, 2016

Bristol Palin Might Have Lied About Her Pregnancy

  My sweet Sailor Grace was born yesterday, our family couldn’t be more complete A photo posted by Bristol Palin (@bsmp2) on Dec 24, 2015 at 12:27pm PST Last time he heard from Bristol Palin, she gave birth to her disappointing miracle on December 23rd. OR DID SHE?! Ok, so here’s the deal: Bristol apparently had the kid on 11/4/2015. Apparently it was the result of a one night stand…

January 6, 2016

Bristol Palin Is Mad Ahmed Got A White House Invite

September 18, 2015

“Who wants to get me pregnant?” Ninth-grader Ahmed Mohamed was arrested in Irving, TX earlier this week, not because he built a clock, he was arrested because for the first time in recorded history, white people now live in constant fear that they may be eradicated from the face of the planet. Sucks, doesn’t it? We feel ya. Maybe in 200 years you’ll get your own holiday or even your…