Levi Johnston Won His Seven Year Custody Battle Against Bristol Palin

February 25, 2016

 , 2015 at 9:12am PDT   When Christians preach family values and abstinence, it’s always because a child needs two parents in order to not become like a kid in Chicago or a refugee. Unless those two parents are gay then ewww not what they meant. But since human nature and archaic belief systems are no match for wanting to hit that pussy from behind raw af, abstinence doesn’t work….


Charlie Sheen Spent $1.6M A Year On Pre-Op Transsexual Hookers

November 18, 2015

It’s almost like Charlie Sheen wanted AIDS. The sex-crazed actor claims he was diagnosed with the deadly illness in 2011, but the dire news hardly slowed his horndog ways. According to 2013 financial reports for his production company 9th Step — prepared nearly two years after he says he found out he was infected — he spent $ 1,629,507 on hookers. According to an insider close to Sheen, “The item…


Glamour Brings out the Best for Its 25th Women of the Year Awards

November 11, 2015

It was a packed house at Carnegie Hall last eve as hundreds joined Glamour for its 25th Women of the Year Awards (that’s WOTY, to insiders), and like years before, the event was equal parts inspiration and emotion. Editrix Cindi Leive kicked off the night with memories of her first time attending WOTY, as an assistant’s assistant—the evening did not end in jello […] Daily Front Row


FMA Winner: Stephen Gan, VMan, Men’s Magazine of the Year

September 13, 2015

He spends his working days side by side with Glenda and Carine, but Stephen Gan always finds time for VMan. Fashion’s coolest guy tells us why. How did VMan come about? Five or six years after starting V, I decided V needed to have a little brother. I had been talking to a lot of […] Daily Front Row