American Football Day 2018

American Football Day 2018

Time to phone your friends and get the old pigskin out, because November 5 marks American Football Day. Sure, they could have just called it Football Day, but if we want the rest of the world to join in on the festivities, we should probably be more specific. American Football Day celebrates the U.S.A’s most popular sport and reminds us all that it’s mid-season and we should probably check on our fantasy teams. How will you be celebrating this great American past time?

American Football Day – History

June 24, 1922


The NFL Is Born

The APFL is official renamed the NFL


Green Bay Packers Join

The Packers are the oldest surviving franchise


First Black Head Coach

Fritz Pollard, star of the Akron Pros, becomes the NFL’s first African American head coach

August 20, 1920

The Beginning

The American Professional Football League, which will eventually be renamed as the National Football League, is formed

American Football Day Activities

1. Join a league
Just because high school is over, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the sport anymore, there are plenty of local leagues that need good, strong-bodied players to join their ranks. In fact, there are probably a lot of leagues that need even mediocre, soft-bodied players to round out their team. The whole reason is to have fun so why not check out the local league and see if you make the cut?

2. Start a football pool
Nothing brings the office together like a little friendly wager, and there’s no better way to get everyone involved than by centering it around America’s favorite sport. If there are three things everyone thinks they’re an expert on it’s music, movies, and football. Instead of having to put up listening to Justin in Customer Service talk about his playoff predictions, why not get him to put his money where his mouth is.

3. Call over your friends, because it’s game night
November 5 conveniently falls on a Sunday, so you know what that means- it’s game night! What better way to celebrate American Football Day than to experience two teams battling it out on the turf? You know what to do. Get a few six-packs, fire up the crock pot, and turn on the surround sound because nothing brings friends more together than a good game, a hot bowl of chili, and countless hours of trash talking.

Why We Love American Football Day

A. It’s a game of strategy
People who are not fans of the sport like to paint the game as simple minded and barbaric, but they clearly have no idea how much strategy is involved in making a winning team. You can have as many star players on your team as you can afford, but without the brains to back it up, you’ll be eating dirt.

B. It brings people together
In America, the two biggest holidays that bring family and friends together are Christmas and Super Bowl Sunday. Even people who never watch a single regular season game will head on over to a neighbor’s house to watch the Big Game and have a wing or two. Football is a sport that defines American culture as much as hamburgers and rock and roll.

C. It’s a true team sport
There are a few sports out there (we’re not naming names, but we’re looking at you Basketball) where one star player can really define a whole team. Football is a sport which relies heavily on a team working together. Each play is designed with a desired outcome in mind and if one player is sleeping at the wheel, the whole plan falls apart. This is one reason why football is such a popular sport. It requires unity to achieve a desired goal (or in this case, touchdown).


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