Bella Hadid Wore This

Bella Hadid Wore This

Bella Hadid

Without looking, I’m gonna go ahead and say Bella Hadid is probably the 20th hottest Hadid. I assume there’s more than three. Gigi Hadid, of course,  being somewhere above the 20th and under the 10th. I’m basing these rankings on the Hadid’s we don’t know exist. Maybe there’s a Hadid in West Virginia. And she can’t try to get a modeling contract because her mom’s on oxygen and riding in a motorized cart in Wal-Mart right saying if West Virginia Hadid moves to NYC or LA she’ll get Zika from immigrants or brainwashed by liberal Muslim Satan worshippers into thinking Noah didn’t fit dinosaurs on the Ark. She also has to stay and help her dad put up Ted Cruz signs after he fixes an outboard motor, because if she doesn’t, a socialist transgendered member of the Black Lives Matter movement will be elected to the Supreme Court then McDonald’s will add abortions and gay weddings to the $ 1 menu and guns will be melted down to make bars to keep God out of schools. Do you really want that for America, West Virginia Hadid? Sure you do. 

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