Britney Spears Wardrobe Malfunction: Zipper Splits Open In Back Of Sheer Outfit — Watch

Britney Spears Wardrobe Malfunction: Zipper Splits Open In Back Of Sheer Outfit — Watch

Oh dear! Britney Spears had a slight wardrobe malfunction on stage during her Oct. 17 ‘Piece Of Me’ show in Las Vegas when her zipper busted! Watch the vid and see what happened!

Broken zippers can’t phase Britney Spears! The 33-year-old singer was performing her hit “3” on Oct. 17 as part of her Planet Hollywood residency in Las Vegas when the zipper on her sexy sheer outfit broke, totally exposing her entire back. Of course, Brit handled it like a true pop star and acted like it never even happened!

About halfway through her performance of the song, Britney realizes her zipper broke in the back of her outfit. Luckily, one of her dancers was able to come to her rescue immediately, but clearly it wasn’t a super easy fix — the dancer had to follow behind her for quite some time, and eventually she just dealt with showing off her back! See it all go down in the video above!

Despite her zipper breaking, Brit didn’t miss a beat during the song. Even though it was probably risky, Britney still managed to rock every dance move and finish the performance perfectly. Plus, she even ended the song with her back to the audience! Clearly she didn’t mind that her entire back was exposed…when it totally shouldn’t have been!

With the way Britney handled her wardrobe malfunction, we completely understand how she earned herself two more years on the Planet Hollywood stage. Brit revealed in September that she signed on for two more years of her Vegas residency!

In her announcement, she said she’ll be coming up with some new costumes for the show — as much as we love her sexy look from this vid, let’s hope the new costumes have some sturdier zippers! Regardless, Brit proved she can handle whatever malfunction may occur on stage!