Everyone loves a good action movie, but we don’t all agree about what makes a “good” action movie. Some of us want carefully crafted cinema, full of smart plotting and rich characters. Some of us just want big explosions, dumb storylines, and a brainless good time. Fortunately, Netflix Streaming’s offerings […]

How to make money on YouTube

Television broadcasting has become nearly as dated as 50’s radio programs. Anyone with their finger to the pulse of culture knows YouTube is the present and future purveyor of entertainment, news, and education. It’s the ultimate consumer platform, and consumption drives revenue. People are literally making millions videoing themselves and posting it online. Logan Paul, TheFineBros, […]

Everything New on Netflix in June 2018

With Avengers: Infinity War still in theaters, Netflix has clearly decided it’s time to cash in on some Marvel action in June. The Marvel Cinematic (and TV) Universe is all over Netflix’s options for June 2018. Netflix will debut one of its own original Marvel series when Luke Cage Season 2 arrives on June […]